Sprocket Segments For Field Replacement

Cogmatic ships orders to anywhere in the world. These sprocket segments are destined for the United Kingdom to replace a sprocket that was damaged in the field. Cogmatic follows all compliance [...]

Sprocket Segment for Trommel

This is 1 of 2 180 degree sprocket segments for a trommel that is currently in the field. The existing sprocket has worn out and needs to be replaced in order to continue the task at hand. These [...]

Photo Gallery

Here we have an assortment of images from past projects in production to the equipment they were installed in or used for.

Painted Trommel Sprocket

Cogmatic can provide painted sprockets per customer specifications. This sprocket is 96” in diameter and will be used on a trommel which separates gravel in different sizes. These types of [...]

Blanchard Ground Gear For Weld Positioner

This is a Blanchard Ground Gear that we manufactured as a replacement for the turntable on a weld positioner.  We furnish these types of products in almost any diameter and provided the matching [...]

Elevating Scraper Sprockets

These are elevating scraper sprockets bundled and tagged in matched 180-degree segments ready for field installation.