Heat treating and quenching improve strength, hardness and durability

Heat treating, quenching and tempering are essential components in our Flame Machine Technology process.
In addition to our proprietary Flame Machining process for cutting the tooth form, Cogmatic Heat Treats your gear or sprocket during the manufacturing process.

Steel parts often require heat treatment to:

  • Obtain improved surface hardness
  • Increase the wear resistance and
  • Improve the life of the part.

Spin Induction treats the entire tooth form, including the tooth root. At Cogmatic, we are able to heat treat parts up to 60″ in diameter using Spin Induction Heat Treatment — making us one of a few companies able to do that.

Our computer-controlled process includes an aggressive quench to obtain the depth of case hardness required. We also temper the finished part to reduce any residual stresses. All operations are completed in the same modern, computer-controlled equipment.

Heat Treating

Cogmatic uses a spin induction heat treatment process to provide a case hardness for customer parts. This heat treating process is localized to the entire tooth profile where case hardness is needed. Achieving the desired end results depends on the part raw material, any alloy additions, the end use application and the actual design of the part.

To ensure quality manufactured parts, Cogmatic has…

  • Computer-controlled equipment
  • Accurate temperature controls and timers
  • Experienced heat treating professionals.


Within the spin induction process, Cogmatic will quench parts using an aggressive polymer modified water media. The steel must be quenched rapidly to produce the desired depth of hardness. Our equipment has the capability and our personnel have the experience to provide the finished result needed.


The final step in the Heat Treatment process is to temper the part, removing residual stresses that can lead to brittle edges, resulting in chipping or cracking. Cogmatic has the ability to do this process quickly and accurately within the heat treating process – saving you time and money.