Our custom gear racks can range in profile from 3 to ¾ Diametral Pitch and up to 48 inches in length. Applied in furnace doors, mining drills, wastewater treatment and cable laying equipment, Cogmatic’s gear racks have a symmetrical tooth profile to help minimize wear and maximize performance.

Gear Rack Specifications

  • Flame Machining a Large Gear Rack

    Large Gear Rack being flame machined at Cogmatic, USA.

    Range in profile from 3 to ¾ Diametral Pitch (DP)

  • Symmetrical tooth profile
  • Length – up to 48″ (forty-eight inches)
  • Face width – up to 6″ (six inches)
  • Induction case hardened or through hardened


  • Cable Laying equipment
  • Furnace Doors
  • Mining Drills
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants (one of the largest industries where over-sized custom gear racks are utilized) had previously used chains, sprockets or cables. The change benefited the wastewater processing industry since the gear racks reduced friction and vibration. Because all moving parts stayed above the waterline, their gear racks lasted longer and required less maintenance or repairs. Additionally, they could be shipped assembled or with very few components – simplifying on-site installations.

Rack Segments for Mining Pinion System

Rack segments for mining equipment