An Earned Reputation

Before Cogmatic, OEMs were forced to choose between expensive cold machined components or lesser machining quality flame cut components. At Cogmatic, we have a better idea to bridge the gap between machining quality and price – with timely delivery to sweeten the deal.

Compare our components against cold machined parts. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our results, price and quick turn-around time.

The Cogmatic Team

In 2010, Cogmatic celebrated 60 years in business. So, when you work with Cogmatic, you’ll have access to a dedicated team with years of experience fabricating large or custom sprockets and gears.

We want to support you on your next engineering challenge. While we normally work with OEM furnished drawings, we are ready to address your questions and special requests, even if they’re drawn on a table napkin!

Expediter for leading supplier of Service Parts Kits – Doreen M.

“You are the most attentive, thorough and responsive vendor that I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Engineer for Material Handling Equipment manufacturer – Steve G.

“You won’t have to choose between great quality and great pricing. With Cogmatic, you can get it all – fast.”

Quality-Inspections-on-top-of-the-Accurate-Tooth-Profiling-of-our-Flame Machining-technology.