Proprietary Process

As the only company in North America using this unique process, we’re proud of the results. Cogmatic Flame Machining Technology produces a quality gear similar to cold machining at a fraction of the time and cost.

Learn how Cogmatic’s Flame Machining Technology compares to cold machining and flame cutting.

Quality Control

Cogmatic Flame Machining uses a proprietary high-pressure oxy-propane cutting system, carefully controlling both the path and the speed with a dual axis drive system.

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Accurate Spacing

This precise control produces the proper spacing of teeth in the production of quality gears, racks and sprockets with the degree of accuracy and finish expected in the conventional cold machining process.

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Strength, Hardness, Durability

The heat treating, quenching and tempering stages in our Flame Machining Technology process are intrinsic to meet your gear or sprocket specs and quality needs.

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