Custom Components

For custom specs requiring large diameters…

We specialize in Large Pitch, Large Diameter gears, sprockets, gear racks, pinions and rolled drum segments.

  • Roller Chain Sprockets from RC80 to RC240
  • Engineered Chain Sprockets
  • Gears 3 to ¾ DP
  • Face width – up to 6″ (six inches)
  • Diameters – up to 18′ (eighteen feet)
  • Symmetrical gear racks – up to 48″ in length
  • Tolerances to .005″
  • 125 Micro Finish

We fabricate parts from Steel Plate, machined Forgings, machined Bar Stock, customer-supplied Castings and Roll-formed Rings. Our process is ideal for low-to-medium Carbon and medium Alloy Steel.

Cogmatic Flame Machining creates accurate tooth spacing, a smooth finish with consistent precision and a square tooth profile.

Our extended turnkey capabilities include blanking, chamfering, tooth cutting, notching, spin induction hardening up to 50” diameter, flame hardening (up to 18 foot diameter), welding, splitting, straightening, drilling, boring, counterboring, splines, keyways, turning, facing, thru-hardening, stress relieving, painting and sandblasting.

Best suited for Low to Medium Carbon
and Medium Alloy Steel.

Close-up of Large Tooth Profile

Reviewing gear specifications with customer