Does your engineering team want to

  • Test a New Tooth Profile?

  • Switch to a “Fat Tooth” Design?

  • Try a Different Material or Heat Treatment Process?

When you have a sprocket or gear that you need one or more prototypes made for testing and evaluation purposes, our Flame Machining Technology may be the critical answer for your Small Volume Testing needs.

Involute Profile of Gear Tooth for Prototype Design

Sprocket & Gear Prototype Services

We specialize in large gears and sprockets. We apply that experience and knowledge to the functionality and integrity of your parts and processes by working closely with our customers on their ideas for improvements.

From product and process improvements to completion and continuous improvements, we offer:

  • Ideas for manufacturing improvements
  • Process validation
  • Part consolidation
  • Cost or cost-reduction analysis
  • Production drawings

Need prototypes for large sprockets or gears...

Our full-service, in-house capabilities enable us to bring complete solutions to our customers that will ensure correct manufacturing methods, product quality and cost-efficiency.

Whether a product or process needs only incremental improvement, our production teams will collaborate with your staff to improve quality and longevity and to reduce costs and time to market — all to better meet your needs or those of YOUR customers.