Advantages of Flame Machining Make the Difference!

When you require the accuracy of cold machining and the speed of flame cutting with a price you’ll be happy with, that’s the benefit of our Flame Machining Technology.

Many cold machining and typical flame cutting suppliers force you to choose between price, speed and accuracy. Our Cogmatic Flame Machining Technology is a proprietary process, which lets us deliver on all three.


Our Cogmatic Flame Machining process ensures that the first tooth profile will be cut precisely the same as the last tooth profile – without gouges, tears, slags or lumps to blemish the surface. And without getting a fat or skinny tooth from tolerance stack-up.

Flame Machining

Gear and Sprocket Parts


Because our Cogmatic process delivers smooth finishes and edges, your flame machined parts will engage accurately with your other drive components. Having a precise mesh that eliminates wear to other mechanism components means that flame machined parts actually increase the longevity of your entire drive system. At Cogmatic, the advantage of flame machining is getting quality that’s similar to cold machining at the price and delivery speed of flame cutting.


It all comes down to price, speed, and accuracy. We’ll work closely with you to supply cost-effective, accurate components – without long production delays. Serving a variety of industries, such as heavy-duty off-road equipment, fluid processing, and construction, our manufacturing experience in producing finished products and a variety of components will deliver the expertise you need.

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