Hear customers talk about the superb service they’ve received from Cogmatic. Cogmatic can’t do everything, so we’ll tell you when we can’t. But when there’s a challenging application, our team does everything possible to help resolve and deliver the customer’s need.

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  • Urgent Request

    Cogmatic received an urgent request through our website for a sprocket needed for repairs required due to Hurricane Florence damage in the Carolinas. This was a critical component needed to restore power in many areas. We provided this item with a 3-day turnaround vs. the 2 weeks originally quoted by other manufacturers. Here's what they had to say: "Everything went flawlessly with the purchase of the sprocket and delivery was better than expected." Because of Cogmatic's quick response and turnaround, the customer has been so satisfied that they've decided to stay with Cogmatic to fill their future needs and have already put in new orders for additional sprockets.

    Chris S. Marmon Utility LLC
  • High Volume Production Needs Solved

    We’d set up a Blanket Purchase Order system for a supply manufacturer with the goal of helping them control their higher volume parts. One year into working with the supplier, the customer commented: “Now that we’ve been following this blanket process system for over year, we’ve been very happy with how the program has been running.”

    Sr. Engineer High volume manufacturer
  • Providing Extra Value

    After reviewing a customer's part, we furnished alternate quotes for different manufacturing methods. This enabled them to select the best alternative based on their fabrication cost needs. “Thanks for presenting these options… The manufacturing plan you propose for that option is exactly what we had in mind when we designed and detailed this part.”

    Project Engineer Rock Crushing Equipment manufacturer
  • Cogmatic is our Prime Choice

    “We wouldn’t think of asking anyone else to build these gears for us. Cogmatic’s combination of quality, on-time delivery and overall value is just outstanding. We never have problems with the products you make for us.”

    Project Engineer Major Manufacturer
  • Stands Up to Cold Machining Quality

    “Wow! Before I saw it for myself, I didn’t believe that Cogmatic could deliver quality so similar to cold machined parts. Cogmatic’s flame machining quality definitely stands up to cold-machining quality. Seeing is believing!”

    Team Leader Leading Mining Industry OEM