You don’t need to go to 4 or 5 different vendors;
we can provide “Fully Finished Parts”.

Gear and sprocket parts manufacturing does not end with flame machining services…

Cogmatic’s goal is to give every customer complete, ready-to-use finished part. The days when purchasing agents “bought their routing by sending the parts to different vendors for each step” are long since past.

To achieve that end, we offer extended finished parts services by combining our own in-house capabilities with a suite of service providers who have the equipment and skills to work with large gears and sprockets. Your finished parts can include any additional services or materials that we can acquire for you. We also offer customized solutions, including our Turn Key Services that are conveniently effective for various inventory replenishment needs. All finished components are consistent and have a highly-defined edge and smooth finish.

Finished parts services for large gears and sprockets


Milling is the process of making a raised edge, radical grooves or shaped surface. Our fabrication process improves each of these traits. Our gears, chains, sprockets, racks and segments all have a highly-defined edge and smooth finish. Cogmatic has the capability to mill your unique product to your exact specifications.

Boring / Counter-boring

Need a larger diameter hole in your gear? Cogmatic can bore any gear, segment or chain to your exact specification. Our tools in manufacturing allow us to offer this easy, time-saving and cost-efficient service to any of our customers.


We can sharpen, smooth or finish with our grinding service. These benefits enhance the life expectancy and ensure proper loading of your gear, sprocket or rack. Get this service up front to keep your machine’s working properly.


We take full responsibility for a finished part, including hole drilling as well as tapping. Cogmatic will:

  • Drill Holes to Size,
  • Drill Holes to Tolerances of Bolt Circle Diameter,
  • Tap (if needed) and
  • Align with Tooth Centerlines (when required).

Stress Relieving

Real quantitative proof of stress relief efficiency can be obtained for virtually any metal by relying on known and approved analytic methods for determining when stresses have been reduced. Not only do we test for the magnitude of the stress concentration, but we also inspect whether it is tensile or compressive.

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