2021 has been a busy year for a lot of manufacturers and tradesmen, Cogmatic is no exception as we’ve been helping OEMs, suppliers, construction, and equipment maintenance techs source replacement parts for their heavy equipment around the globe. Below are just a few projects that we’ve recently completed for customers across a wide range of industries.

Feed Mixing Sprockets

These large sprockets are used in feed mixing equipment in the Agricultural Industry.

Custom Sprocket for Asphalt Paver

This is a closeup of the small sprockets on the right that were custom machined for a construction company and will be used in Asphalt Paving Equipment.

Rock Crusher Pinions

These Pinions below are used in Rock Crushers and are now ready for induction hardening of the teeth.

Rack Segments for Mining Pinion System

This picture is of rack segments that when lined up are used with a pinion system to move material in the Mining Industry.

Asphalt Paver Sprockets

These Sprockets are going to an OEM to be used in Asphalt Paving Equipment.

Segmented Sprockets for Earth Movers

These fully machined sprockets are used in large Earth Moving Equipment and are split into two segments for ease of assembly.