Extra large, precision gears and sprockets are required for manufacturers of heavy construction, asphalt, conveying and material lifting equipment. Our proprietary Flame Machining Technology delivers accurate, affordable gears and sprockets to our many OEM customers around the country.

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10-ft Gears Concrete Mixing Equipment

Large Gears and Sprockets for OEM JIT Inventory Stock

Large Ring Sprockets for Industrial Application

Heavy Duty Compound Gear

Large Sprocket assembly

Construction Scarifier

Rock Crusher

Large Gears for Rock Crushing Equipment

Drive Gears for Bulldozers

Gears for Construction Equipment

Trommel Screen Drum

Trommel Screen Machined for Wildcat

Scarifier with Large Gear Machining

Heavy Duty Gears for Vermeer Scarifiers

Flame Machined Components for Conveying Equipment

Flame Machined Gears for Agricultural Equipment

Large Gear Machining for Scarifier

Quality Flame Machining for Vermeer Trenching Equipment

Paving and Asphalt Equipment Components

Wildcat Vermeer Trommel Working On Site

Trommel Roller Screens by Cogmatic Flame Machining

Trommel Screen Drum

Trommel Screen Side View Shows Large Gear Placement

Large Industrial Gear for Trenching Equipment

Drag Line Sprockets

Caterpillar Bulldozer Powered With Custom Crawler Sprockets