Reducing Maintenance Downtime

Reducing Maintenance Downtime

Cogmatic Helps Ag Customers Get Down on the Farm


An agricultural equipment manufacturer.


The customer was looking to reduce their need for equipment maintenance, which leads to farmers being out of the field. They were looking for a solution that would increase sprocket chain wear and overall lifetime.

Cogmatic Solution:

For several years, Cogmatic would flame machine the teeth on two large gears the customer’s Vertical Feed Mixer. When they needed similar machining for their large capacity Side-Discharge Manure Spreaders, they came to Cogmatic asking for quotes on a range of large sprockets and hub assemblies.

Cogmatic Flame Machined parts for the customer, providing improved axial and radial runout that reduced chain wear and extended life.

The customer was so pleased with the results that Cogmatic has been contracted to make additional large sprockets for other equipment in their product line. When they need to get down on the farm, Cogmatic is there for them.

The Rest of the Story:

September 25, 2012, Customer Follow-up

Most recently, this customer took our relationship a step further and placed Cogmatic on their Kanban program.

With the aid of weekly inventory and forecast updates, Cogmatic schedules our production to meet the customer’s needs. Kanban release orders can come to Cogmatic as few as four (4) calendar days before the mill run pick-up.

To date, Cogmatic has 100% on-time delivery to this customer.