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Flame Machining

Customers ask why we make the distinction between conventional steel burning with a torch and flame machining. It’s in the results.

As good as burn tables are today, the movement of the torch is still driven incrementally in X-Y steps. Our proprietary flame machining equipment takes a unique approach to cutting out the tooth form using a precision gearbox controlled by a profile cam. The cam is designed from the actual tooth form as specified on our customer’s drawings. The result is a smooth surface finish without the witness marks from the X-Y motion of traditional burn tables.

Our flame machining process is quicker than cold machining with a hobbing cutter or mill, and more accurate than a burned cut. The cost of the cam tooling is low, making this process ideal for customers to prototype a new design.

In addition to cutting tooth forms for large gears or sprockets, Cogmatic can cut mud relief notches in crawler sprockets. The size and geometry of the part may allow us to cut notches on both sides at one time.

Flame machining is the core competency that sets Cogmatic apart.[/sws_2_column][sws_2_columns_last title=””]

Spin Induction Heat Treating

Cogmatic produces large crawler and conveyor sprockets and traction wheels. Parts having rough-duty cycles in dirt-filled environments, making surface hardness critical for durability. Systems are getting bigger and parts larger, making it difficult to find a provider for induction heat treatment.

We stepped up and enlarged our existing spin induction equipment, to handle parts up to 60 inches in diameter. This fully computer-controlled equipment facilitates the man/machine interface of sophisticated in-process measurement tools with years of experience to form a very capable combination.

Our new system uses a strong magnetic field to induce current flow in the part, rapidly heating it to a transition temperature. The quench media we utilize is optimized for medium carbon steels and temperature-controlled to provide rapid cooling.

The computer system not only allows us to program on the fly but also maintains a memory of previous processes for specific parts. That, together with our documentation and sample testing, allows us to develop programs for parts quickly. Even a single item one-time order becomes a realistic request, a tremendous advantage for customers seeking to create a prototype part for field- testing.

Periodically, we section parts to determine that the depth and pattern of hardness are being maintained. We can also bolster the heat treatment with through-hardening or surface carbon enrichment with carborization.

Spin induction heat treating, one more reason that Cogmatic is your best choice for heavy duty sprockets and traction wheels. You can count on consistent, reliable performance in the field where all the Cogmatic touches really shine. The equipment investments we’ve made provide the quality you expect and will pay huge dividends in the final application.[/sws_2_columns_last]