Cogmatic can manufacture rack pinion gears for rock crushing, concrete mixing, turn tables, asphalt mixing, and aggregate equipment. Typically fabricated from round bar stock, steel plate, or forgings, our industrial drive pinions can be machined for all types: A, B & C.

Drive Pinion Gears require an analysis of performance specifications and special features to handle crushing, grinding, mixing and more. Because our Flame Machining Technology provides smooth movement throughout your entire system, you’ll yield increased life expectancy from your drive pinions.

Close-up of Flame Machining process for drive pinion

Drive Pinion Specifications

  • Range in profile from 3 to ¾ Diametral Pitch (DP)
  • Face width — up to 6″ (six inches)
  • Fabricated from round bar stock, steel plate or forgings
  • Types — A, B & C
  • Hubs with spline or keyway
  • Induction case hardened or through hardened


  • Aggregate equipment
  • Asphalt Mixing equipment
  • Concrete Mixing equipment
  • Rock Crushing equipment
  • Turn Tables

Finished Pinion Gears stacked for client JIT delivery.

Finished Pinion Gears for client stock delivery