Large Custom Crawler Sprockets

Crawler Sprockets for heavy-duty industrial applications require rugged materials and construction. Flame machining these large crawler sprockets ensures accurate tooth profiles to engage and drive their massive crawler tracks.

Rough surfaces or sprockets are known to collect dirt, mud and grit, which can establish a channeled wear pattern on crawler track bushings. Our flame machining process eliminates rough, jagged surfaces that are typically produced in flame cutting. With a smooth finish and crisp tooth profiles, dirt and debris are freely expelled from the crawler tracks we fabricate.

Crawler Sprockets in Continuous Tracks

For weight-bearing applications, such as continuous tracks
(or caterpillar tracks), the crawler sprockets are used to drive a continuous band of modular metal plates, thereby propelling a vehicle or equipment forward.

Continuous tracks provide a clear advantage by allowing heavy equipment to move over soft surfaces, such as sand and dirt, without sinking and becoming stuck. The metal plates have a wider surface area which more evenly distributes the mega weight as it traverses across these softer surfaces.

The durable construction and low ground pressure of heavy duty crawler sprockets create ideal treads for a variety of vehicles, including bulldozers, tanks, mining equipment and surface excavators.

For Rugged Application Needs

Crawler Sprockets live in a tough environment – full of dirt, mud, high loads and long hours.

Our customers often ask for “special” tooth forms. Examples of their custom crawler requests include more pitch line clearance or mud relief notches, which reduce wear or build-up. With our Flame Machining Technology, we have the ability to meet those special needs.

Crawler sprockets flame machined by Cogmatic give our customers the design freedom they need to build better crawlers. For Custom Crawler Sprockets, click here.