Segmented Gears for Ease of Transportation or Installation

In most cases, customers needing any size of gear would prefer not to split the gear. Since every tooth is in contact with the pinion, tooth spacing is critical for smooth running and reduced wear.

However, there are times when just getting a huge gear where it needs to be installed presents companies with transportation or installation problems. In those cases, the solution may be to split the gear. To preserve the tooth-to-tooth spacing and alignment, the re-assembly method is critical to the performance of the gear.

When machining segmented ring gears, Cogmatic adds unique alignment notches so each segment will align perfect — each and every time.

Read Case Study for an 18-ft Segmented Gear.

Segmented Gears loaded on crates and ready for shipping
Segmented gears (versus segmented sprockets) are much less required for industrial needs.

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Segmented gears are more practical for large gear assemblies when there are issues with transportation, on-site installation or need periodic repair of gear profiles. Gear segments enable more feasible installations and future maintenance or re-installations.

Large 18 foot Segmented Gear