Cogmatic offers large roller chain sprockets. Typically custom-fabricated from plate steel, forgings or rolled bar stock, our roller chain sprockets can be flame machined to meet a multitude of industrial customers’ unique needs.

Commonly used in conveying equipment, custom roller chain sprockets can also be applied in rotary drums, trommel screens, and turntables. We can accurately flame machine your roller chain sprockets up to 18 feet in diameter, with drilled mounting holes for easy installation.

Roller Chain Sprocket Specifications

  • RC80 to RC240
  • Diameters – up to 18′ (eighteen feet)
  • Face width – up to 6″ (six inches)
  • Single-piece or segmented
  • Drilled mounting holes
  • Typically fabricated from plate steel, forgings, or rolled bar stock

Used in an array of industrial processes that include heating, cooling, drying, blending, mixing, shredding, recycling, dewatering, concrete reclamation, material movement, wastewater treatment, and specialized drums.


  • Conveying equipment
  • Rotary drums
  • Trommel screens
  • Turn tables

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Larger roller chain sprockets can be manufactured for usage in multiple industries. Recycling, wastewater treatment, and concrete reclamation are just a few areas where roller chain sprockets are needed.

In the recycling business, our Cogmatic flame-machined roller chain sprockets are used and abused, but their high quality enables them to continue performing well beyond the average lifespan of competitively machined sprockets.

Ring Sprockets used for Dryers in Flowable Solids Processing Plant

Large Roller Chain Sprockets turns Dryers for Flowable Solids processing at a wastewater treatment plant