An internal gear has teeth machined into the inside diameter instead of the outside diameter.

When you require large internal gears, Cogmatic provides flame machined tooth profiles that deliver a cleaner, smoother engagement within your gear drive system. Due to the smooth finish and crisp, precision profiles of our flame-machined internal gears, you’ll get increased longevity.

Advantages of Internal Gears

  • Reduced Sliding Action
  • Reduced Tooth Wear
    * Sliding action of one tooth over another would generate friction. Because friction increases wear and tear on the teeth, reduction of sliding action improves gear longevity.

Detailed drawing of a Custom Internal Gear

Internal Gear with set of Planetary Gears

Internal Tooth Gears are used in many applications – from mining to machine operation.

Cogmatic has worked closely with customers in the fabrication details of internal gears for development projects as well as production parts.