Heat Treating 4.0

Bringing Mature Technology into the 21st Century

by Randy Stott, Managing Editor, March/April 2017, Gear Technology

Companies in our industry have been utilizing heat treating for a very long time, and while technology continues to improve, as well as our knowledge of the many processes, many people still view this as pretty unpredictable.

In fact, sending your perfectly to-spec parts you’ve slaved over for hours to be heat treated is something that might make you cringe…

General manager for ECM USA talks about the advances and latest technology. Over the last two years “in-line” heat treating has been the trend. This process allows for bringing smaller loads to customers on an in-line basis, supplying completely heat treated gears, with low pressure carburizing, higher temperatures, and less processing time.

Another trend that has gained interest more recently is quenching in salt. This is a method that has been used in the past and still maintains its dirty, old-school image, but newer processing makes this a viable alternative, especially for gears, providing single-phase quench benefits similar to gas but less expensive, more environmentally friendly than oil, with superior heat transfer, and 99% recovery.

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